Our vision is to deliver a decentralized database layer to unify access to data. Xuma is currently developing a decentralized NoSQL database for developers which distributes data across Xuma’s global network. Unlike other solutions our database is multi-chain, fault tolerant, censorship resistant, DDOS-resistant, and has zero-downtime. Download our whitepaper to learn more.

Decentralized Database

A database network using key technologies to encrypt, store, retrieve and distribute data across Xuma’s global database network. The Xuma network is a sharing economy that incentivizes consumers and resource contributors.

Proof of Stake

Xuma Masternode and Staking technologies serves as the core engine that powers the network. The two technologies combine to process current and future tasks in our decentralized networks. In return for their participation, the network will compensate for work provided in the form of XMX coins.


We are committed to providing best-in-class governance for Xuma. We plan to have in-wallet Governance voting with no external website needed, and no debug console commands to type. We will prove the value of our blockchain-secured DB by providing the first fully self-hosted Governance DB.


  • Source code release


  • Network launch


  • Explorer launch


  • Pool launch


  • Exchange listing - graviex.net
    Click here to trade XMX on GRAVIEX


  • Listing - masternodes.online


  • Whitepaper


  • Exchange listing - CryptoBridge
    Click here to trade XMX on CryptoBridge


  • Institute governance model

  • Coinmarketcap listing

  • Create a bounty program




Xuma (XMX) is a hybrid and PoW/PoS system.
  • Proof of Work Algorithm: Quark
  • Premine: (#1 Block) 120,001 XUMA (0.19%) for 12 Masternodes to stabilize the network
  • Proof of Work Blocks: 2 - 299,999
  • Proof of Stake Blocks: Starting from 300,000
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Proof of Work Max Coin Supply: 49,448,850
  • Proof of Work ending: Approximately 180 days (August 2018)
  • Masternode collateral: 10,000 XUMA
  • Maturity: 120 Confirmations
  • RPC Port: 19643
  • Port: 19777


Masternode is an integral component to the overall Xuma network. Xuma network provides key functionality such as security, privacy, and global data distribution network. Anyone can run a masternode. Hosting Xuma masternode will generate additional Xuma for its owner. The current prerequisites to run a masternode inlude (1) 10.000 XMX as collateral and (2) a static public IP address. View Masternode Setup Instructions to get started.
Block RewardsTotal RewardMasternode Reward
Block 2 - 40,999200 XMX40 XMX
Block 41,000 - 81,889200 XMX150 XMX
Block 81,890 - 88,999200 XMX135 XMX
Block 89,000 - 299,999150 XMX101.25 XMX